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Yard Signs – POLICIES

How long will my balloons last?

The longevity of your balloons depends on the environmental conditions. Hot environment & direct sunlight can significantly reduce the lifespan of balloons.
All Helium Balloons will Float for 8-12hours
Hi-Floated helium balloons will float for at least 2-3days if indoors, typically longer.                                                                                                     Hi-Float is a additive added to latex balloons.  Cost $0.30per latex blln
Balloons used outdoors are NOT guaranteed to last f0r any specific amount of time due to sun, heat, wind, rain etc…

How far advance should I place my order?

Orders should be placed as early as possible. Event set up dates and times are first come first serve basis.

How much time in advance do I need?

We need at least 48 hours advance notice for an order.

Two week notice for a venue event.

What is the delivery fee?

Delivery fees depends on:

  • the delivery location
  • time of day
  • size of order

Can I pick up my balloon order?


Balloon Boutique                                                                                                              300 Porters Vale Blvd                                                                                               Valparaiso, Indiana 46383

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-4pm                                                                                   Sat 10-2pm            Subject to change due to deliveries                                 Please call 531-2623

Do you provide a takedown service?

For large scale installations, we can come back & remove the balloons for an additional fee.

Certain products for example arch & columns require a takedown and this fee is added to invoice.

We can sometimes make arrangements to return structure/equipment to us.


Payment is due before your event. You can place your order online, in person or over the phone.


Once your order is placed, the Pickup/delivery time slot is reserved for you and supplies to complete your order are purchased.

Orders canceled 30days or more prior to the event date are eligible for store credit, however no refund will be given.

Orders canceled less than 30days prior to the event date are not eligible.

I bought balloons from somewhere else, can you inflate them for me?

Yes, but we can NOT guarantee the quality or float time of balloons not provided by us.

Cost to inflate brought in balloons:

  • 12in balloon $1.99 each
  • 18in foil mylar $2.99 each
  • Jumbo foil number/letter/shape $7.50ea
  • larger balloons $7.50& up

Can I meet with you at my event space?

Yes. An on-site consultation is available on selected weekdays for an additional fee, which may be waived depending once order is placed.

Generally pictures of the space is usually enough for us to go on.

Are balloons biodegradable or can they be recycled?

Yes, our latex balloons are made of natural material and are 100% biodegradable.

Foil balloons, however are NOT biodegradable but are able to be recycled.


In store credit will be issued to be used for a future date/event.

Balloon Tips

Changes in temperature will cause balloons to expand or contract. Warmer conditions if exposed will likely cause balloon to burst. Cooler conditions balloon will appear to shrivel up and once brought to warm room balloon will return to fullness.

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